Kurion offers a comprehensive suite of technology solutions and services to access, separate and stabilize nuclear and hazardous waste. Our end-to-end approach and trusted support is used to address some of the most pressing waste disposal challenges around the globe.  

Engagement Models

Kurion offers a variety of arrangements to deliver our suite of technologies.

Systems and Support

Many global clients prefer to purchase Kurion’s technologies outright and then engage local partners to manage their operations. For these projects, Kurion designs and fabricates its plug-and-play products with partners to meet any applicable regulatory requirements. The company often installs the system onsite and then trains and manages local operating partners. Kurion can provide consumables for ongoing operations and offers continuous aftermarket services to ensure the technology meets the project’s requirements.


Kurion offers turn-key waste management solutions. For example, for cleaning contaminated water, a company can engage Kurion to manage the water treatment system’s design and fabrication as well as its operation for the duration of the project. For such a project, Kurion could structure the contract on a throughput basis.

Joint Ventures

Kurion forms strategic joint ventures to meet our clients’ needs. For example, the company is forming a joint venture with AREVA for work related to the cleanup and closure of the Department of Energy’s Hanford site in Washington State.


Kurion offers leasing arrangements to help companies avoid a large upfront payment and spread the cost of the technology across the lifetime of the project.

Alternative Arrangements

Kurion is committed to working with its clients to select an arrangement that fits the distinct needs of each project.

From conceptual design all the way through to fabrication and operations, Kurion offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution. Kurion can take on a discrete task or the company can manage the entire project from site assessment through documentation.